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I love reading sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian and eutopian literature. I also read technical books related to software development.
Pirate Cinema - Cory Doctorow If you haven't yet read Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig, you can read this book instead. It's the same tract, just turned into fiction. The characters and story do help keep you interested though, as they are both compelling. There are definitely passages where entire paragraph arguments are pulled out of Free Culture into Pirate Cinema, and spoken by the characters to each other. This can be a bit awkward at times.I guess my biggest complaint with this book is that it is positioning itself as a dystopian future 10-15 years out, but the sole conflict of this dystopian future has already happened, and we lost. I personally feel like the era of free pirating, free culture, free video is already over. We've moved into the land where big media owns everything, there's fuck-all we can do about it, and nobody cares. And it is simultaneously better and worse than imagined here. Worse because we don't even notice it, and better because we don't even notice it.This book is about one of my worst fears...getting my net cut off! Not enough people realize how scary that is. So read this book to learn.

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